Experienced Insurance Agents

Leroy Barnett

I have been in business for over 20 years in the retail, service, and non-profit sectors. None of my experiences have been more rewarding than insurance. I have had the awesome opportunity to work with many different types of people to help them protect what matters most. What’s really awesome is hearing things like ” I didn’t know that, I never heard that, no one has ever told me that before or thank you for telling me that.”

Listen guys, my first 3.5 years in the insurance industry was with the largest captive insurance company. I can tell you from experience, the producers only job is to meet the quotas that are set. Every now and then you might have the opportunity to develop real relationships with those who spend the most money with you. I may never have the biggest book or make the most money, but the one thing I will have is the satisfaction of knowing I accomplished the mission of educating families to make smart financial decisions to protect what matters most.

As an independent insurance agency, we provide tailored solutions through a variety of carriers and products(choices) that best fit your current situation within a budget you can afford. Our name is Insurance Resource Trust, but the value we bring to you is Integrity- Responsibility- Truth (IRT)